This Is Where Batman Would Sleep If He Ever Went To Taiwan, And If He Were Real

If Batman were real, he’d travel the world on occasion as billionaire Bruce Wayne — you know, to keep up appearances. Such trips would take the Dark Knight to some of the planet’s most exotic and luxurious destinations. Yet even with all these frequent flyer miles, he’d probably want to stay somewhere reminiscent of home. Like this amazeballs Batman-themed suite at the Eden Motel in Taiwan:

According to the Daily Mail, the motel adorned the special suite with all sorts of Batman memorabilia — most of it stemming from the imagery of the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan films. Yet Batman isn’t the only famous figure of popular culture whose namesake helps sell rooms at Eden:

Other rooms in the movie-themed hotel are based on other popular films, with a room dedicated to The Mummy, another based on the famous Alcatraz prison and a third building on the popularity of Sherlock Holmes. (Via Daily Mail)

Yes, you can stay in rooms dedicated to the memory of a famous prison, a fictional detective with at least three different iterations in contemporary film and television, and a dead Egyptian. There’s even an aquatic room that, if you reinterpret it via the motel’s focus on geek culture, could double as Jason Momoa‘s new Taiwanese digs. Considering the recent photo of Momoa in character as Aquaman, some redecoration may be in order:

Seems like a nice place, but it’s not cheap — not by a long shot. The Batman room is so popular with guests, Eden charges $64 for three hours. It’s all yours, Bruce.

(Via Daily Mail and Eden Motel)