Eli Roth’s Long-Awaited ‘Green Inferno’ Amazon Horror Is Finally Coming Out

Remember The Green Inferno? The trailer for Eli Roth‘s first directorial effort in nearly a decade was released in April 2014. At the end, it says that the film will hit theaters on September 5. That obviously didn’t happen, and not much has been heard since. (Roth did namedrop it in his interview with Uproxx’s own Mike Ryan at Sundance, but that was it.)

According to Deadline, however, that’s all about to change. Green Inferno “will finally see a release date on September 25 thanks to Blumhouse Productions label BH Tilt, Universal Pictures and High Top Releasing,” which means the film will hit theaters just over a year after its initial release date.

Whether or not the film was worth the very long wait remains to be seen. But if you’re into college student environmental activists, cannibalistic tribes along the Amazon River and Roth’s penchant for gratuitous onscreen violence, then Green Inferno is just the movie for you. Yum.

(Via Deadline)