‘Sharknado’ Vendors The Asylum Are Bringing Elvis Presley Back To Life For A TV Movie

The Asylum/Getty

Never-not-tasteful art house distributors The Asylum have given the world such Oscar-worthy fare as Transmorphers, AVS: Alien vs. Hunter, and the Sharknado series, and now they’re in the business of reviving a king. The King, to be exact. And it’s an upcoming offering that’s every bit as subtle and nuanced as you’d expect from the mockbuster giants.

Elvis Lives! has been announced as the first made-for-TV movie cooked up for the cable outpost AXS TV. As you may have gathered from the title, Elvis Lives! will feature Elvis Presley and his lack of deadness. Being alive hasn’t exactly been roses and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the music legend. In the cable flick, Elvis has been battered by drug and vocal issues and his work with the fuzz bringing down a crime syndicate ladles more danger onto the rock legend’s life. Did we mention that he’s also trying to sort things out with God and his dead brother? That’s part of the package, too.

AXS TV chairman/CEO and Sharknado 3‘s commander-in-chief Mark Cuban shared that he was excited to team up with The Asylum on another offering.

“When the decision was made to develop AXS TV’s first original made-for-TV movie, I knew I had to get The Asylum team involved because it was a great experience working with them on Sharknado 3,” Cuban said. “They’re the perfect fit to bring this wild ride to life as we celebrate the life and legacy of the the King’s reign, crafting a unique and original storyline that explores the well-known conspiracy theories and allows our viewers to form their own conclusions.”

That’s awfully generous of The Cubes to let viewers form their own conclusions when it comes to a movie about Elvis Presley hounded by a crime syndicate courtesy of the planet’s favorite shark-based tornado vendors. No word yet when Elvis Lives! will air on AXS TV, but we’ll keep you posted.

(Via Deadline)