A New Rumor Claims Emily Blunt Is ‘Signed On’ To Star In ‘Captain Marvel’

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There’s been plenty of rumbling about Marvel’s Captain Marvel, with stars and directors of all level of notoriety connected to the project. Despite rumors and statements noting that the likes of Charlize Theron and Bryce Dallas Howard might be up for the role, it would seem that one name is the closest of the pack: Emily Blunt.

Blunt had made some murmurs about the project saying that nothing official had been offered (other than two roles she had to turn down), but now Movie Web and Meet The Movie Press are citing that mysterious “sources” have confirmed Blunt’s name with the role. You can see the chat below that addresses the rumors, but nothing is confirmed. It’s really just slinging something on the wall and hoping it sticks.

For example, I could say that Bea Arthur is being summoned from her resting chambers under the city of New York to don a cape and play the role of Granny Goodness in the DC Universe films. That doesn’t make it entirely false, despite her death and the lack of any mention of the Fourth World characters in the DC films yet, but it also is nowhere near being true or official.

As far as speculation goes, Emily Blunt is a fine choice. What do you think?

(Via Movie Web / Meet The Movie Press)