Emma Stone Will Take On The ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ As Tennis Icon Billie Jean King

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Everything old is new again, and every major event from decades in the past will become a movie at some point or another. The next such project is a movie about Billie Jean King’s 1973 defeat of Bobby Riggs, one of three similar films being made about the infamous “Battle of the Sexes”. Emma Stone is set to portray the sports icon, with Steve Carrell in place as Riggs. According to Variety, it almost didn’t pan out though.

Although Stone has been the top contender for the role for some time, earlier in the year, her busy schedule came close to derailing the deal — to the point where Searchlight began courting Brie Larson to play King instead. Stone’s schedule has now been worked out to allow her to star in “Battle of the Sexes,” while Larson has moved on to Lionsgate’s “The Glass Castle.”

Now that she’s fully on board though, there are questions to be answered. Will the entire red carpet campaign be tennis themed? (Yes please.) Will she dye and perm her hair to match a young Billie Jean’s? (Yes, PLEASE.) And last but not least, will there be subtle references throughout to Crazy Stupid Love since it is a mini-reunion of the cast? (Completely up to the screenwriters, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.) Battle of the Sexes will answer all of those questions and more, but until then you’ll have to get your Billie Jean fix by watching old clips as usual.

(via Variety)