Emma Watson Is Spotlighting Environmentally-Friendly Fashion With A ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Instagram

Emma Watson is a long time proponent of organizations that support feminism, helping various populations around the world, and supporting the environment. She has spoken at the UN multiple times to spread the messages she believes in, and incorporates those values into her daily life and various film projects the best she can. Her latest attempt to spread a positive message about things she finds important is a new Instagram account created for the sole purpose of posting outfits that she wears to press events in the lead up to Beauty and the Beast‘s release in March.

While this may sound like a shallow or frivolous endeavor — an Instagram for clothes only isn’t exactly groundbreaking for celebrities — Watson’s purpose here is more varied than just showing off her latest dress while she jet sets around the world. Each outfit featured in the first three posts are eco-friendly in some way and come from a designer that Watson has worked with before and who shares her commitment to making the world a better place. The photos can be found at @The_Press_Tour and designers featured thus far include Louis Vitton, Oscar de la Renta, and Stella McCartney, each of who incorporate various environmentally conscious facets to their work such as recycled materials or a complete lack of fur and feathers in their designs.

While the account itself may be a minimal-effort on the actress’ part and her team, it’s just one more way that she is incorporating her daily values into he work as a successful actress with a real and change-making platform.