Emma Watson Is Now Literally And Figuratively Kicking Butt

Senior Pop Culture Editor

Emma Watson is taking some time off from acting to, in her words, learn “by being on the ground and just speaking with people and doing my reading.” The Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast star is also figuratively kicking butt by focusing on her HeForShe campaign, tackling on-campus sexual assault, and showcasing the hurdles women go through for gender equality, and literally kicking butt by learning how to fight. Not with a wand, either.

Yesterday on Facebook, Watson wrote, “Ready for anything after SheFighter training with the amazing Lina Khalifeh. She opened the first self [defense] studio for women in the Middle East. I’ll be chatting with her and 8 other activists about challenging gender stereotypes at One Young World Ottawa later today.” SheFighter, in Jordan, gives women the “opportunity to defend themselves in difficult situations, but will also build up their self-esteem. We strongly believe that efforts to treat violence against women must take protective approaches into consideration.” Their mission: train 10 million women in 10 years. Watson has over 33 million Facebook fans — if only a third sign up, SheFighter will reach their goal in no time!

“It is such an honor to meet Emma Watson,” Khalifeh tweeted, “an amazing humble person and was honored as well to train her.” She didn’t go easy on her student, either: Khalifeh told Watson, “Put your hands up or I’ll beat you up.” Think twice before yelling “three points for Gryffindor” around Watson.

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