Emma Watson’s New Short FIlm Highlights The Hurdles In The Fight For Women’s Equality

Contrary to what UK tabloids might think, Emma Watson has been doing a bang-up job in her role as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. It’s actually been a rather busy week for Watson in that regard. Not only did the Harry Potter actress deliver an important speech at the HeForShe IMPACT 10X10X10 University Parity Report highlighting subjects like on-campus sexual assault and gender equality, but she also found time to release a new short film showcasing the challenges women have overcome and still have to topple.

Marinated in the sounds of Sia‘s visceral “Chandelier,” the two-minute clip titled Hurdles features footage of the 1964 Olympics to illustrate the hurdles women have faced and continue to face in the pursuit of women’s rights. The de facto PSA presents an uplifting tone in the fight for gender equality, highlighting the progress and achievements that have already been made. After presenting the hurdles that have been cleared, the viewer is urged to continue the sprint towards improved conditions for women.

“There are many huge and high hurdles left to jump,” narrates a voice that’s presumably Watson’s. “The race is still on. Every day of every year of our lives, but we will cross the finishing line. No one can stop us.”

It’s certainly worthy of a watch and we have the Hurdles video located above for your viewing convenience.

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