Ethan Hawke Looks Back On The Logistical Nightmare Behind Making ‘Boyhood’

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01.06.15 2 Comments

Who knew that making a movie over 12 years would cause some logistical issues? That’s what Ethan Hawke and the other stars of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood dealt with during their shoot, paying off in the end.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t create a few headaches, some of which Hawke details during this stop by Letterman. Having to constantly check in and mold your schedule around a director’s has to be a bit of a trial and probably why Hawke took the sort of roles he did for the past few years (at least I hope that’s the reason).

Patricia Arquette seemed to have it a lot worse because she was filming Medium during this period and had to have a special contract written that allowed to go off and film for Boyhood if needed. Luckily the final product is getting a lot of praise, even if people want to lump it in with gimmick movies.

This would be a perfect clip if they didn’t end with a weird prison joke. I mean I get where they’re going, but I don’t want to picture a bunch of inmates sitting around watching a movie about growing up. I’d rather continue living on the idea that prisoners do nothing by watch Sly Stallone’s Lock Up everyday and attempt to perfect toilet wine.

(Via The Late Show)

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