Everyone, Go Home. Here’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ As Reenacted By Adorable Kittens.

God bless the people behind The Pet Collective. Not only have they given us the all-pug version of Independence Day and this feline-filled Game of Thrones parody, but now they grace us with a clip of Guardians of the Galaxy as reenacted by…CUDDLY KITTENS.

So it’s not exactly as high-tech and flashy as the summer blockbuster itself, but hey…let’s give a round of applause to the cast — Chris Prcat, Bradley Pooper, Purry, Saldana, and Kitvin Diesel — for their masterful performances. It’s not easy looking like a superhero while living out of a cat house.

Chris Prcat:

Bradley Pooper:

Purry Saldana:

Kitvin Diesel: