What A Coincidence: Here’s The Honest Trailer And Everything Wrong With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Screen Junkies (of Honest Trailers fame) and Cinema Sins (of “Everything Wrong With” videos) are often accused of coordinating with each other to bash the same movie at the same time, so they decided to give that conspiracy a trial run. Cinema Sins made an honest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Screen Junkies told us everything wrong with the film.

Having just watched this movie a few days ago, many of these same complaints were fresh in my mind. They missed a couple, though. The didactic, amateurish internal monologue music during Electro’s scene in Times Square made me want to eject the disc and snap it in half (which the local library might have objected to, seeing as it was their property). Also, the scene where a kid runs into police gunfire and Spider-Man calls him “brave” for it was enragingly irresponsible for a kids’ movie. Find a f*cking better way to show that the bullied kid is tougher now, or — better yet — don’t have that character coincidentally show up again for the shoehorning of some schmaltzy denouement. But what am I saying? Shoehorning coincidences for the sake of oh-so-deep moments is what this reboot trucks in.

Anyway, here’s Cinema Sins’ version of an honest trailer.

Spidey doesn’t seem any worse for the wear, despite all the criticism.