‘Fall Of Gods’ Will Be Fox’s Vikings-Beating-Up-Giants Movie

Did you watch Pacific Rim and think to yourself, “This is fun, but you know what it really needs? Vikings!” Then congratulations! You have the same thought processes as at least one Fox executive.

Fall of Gods started out as essentially an illuminated manuscript. Funded courtesy of Kickstarter, it’s really a movie pitch in a binding, since it was done by professional concept artists and includes the entire story right there in the book. Speaking of which: The Norse gods have abandoned Earth to two races, humans and frost giants. Humans eventually drove off the frost giants for the crime of, uh, being members of a race their gods drove nearly to extinction. Wow. We suck.

Anyway, a great retired Viking warrior discovers his daughter is missing, probably due to frost giants, and resolves his problems with human-on-giant violence, because diplomacy rarely makes for exciting action movies. He also has a demon inside him he’s afraid to unleash, for some reason.

It sounds completely ridiculous, and we really can’t wait to see what they do with this. Fox is putting it on the fast track, as well; they’ve already got the director of the Maze Runner movies, Wes Ball, on developing it into a movie. Although, really all they need to do is watch the Clash of the Titans movies, and then not do that.

(Via Tracking Board)