‘Fantastic Four’ Starts Off Doctor Doom In A Curious Place

Probably the most controversial aspect of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot is Doctor Doom. And probably the biggest twist is why, exactly, Doom joins the four on their little trip.

Toby Kebbell, who will probably be sent to the Fox dungeon for leaking again, talked a bit about Doom with Superhero Hype, and had this to say:

Yeah, he’s still from the same place, his mother is still a gypsy and done her deals, his father still perished from exposure looking after me. He’s angry. He’s an angry dude. But now he’s in Baxter. He’s bright and he’s trying to make people proud. He found a new father in Dr. Storm, the father of Johnny and adoptive father of Sue. I kind of get adopted as well, in a fantastic performance by Reg E. Cathey. And that’s Doom as we see him. He’s a computer technician, a computer scientist.

So, does Dr. Storm just adopt any genius he runs into to get them to work for him? Because, while that’s not a terrible strategy, it’s somewhat creepy. Anyway, it appears that when things go wrong, Doom is a bit upset with his friends and family and lashes out.

As I’ve said before, I’m OK with Doom getting rewritten. At this point, it’s so elaborate and frankly silly that rewrites are practically a necessity. Besides, a bitter family friend makes a lot more sense as a vengeful villain than a college roommate. Come on, Vic couldn’t just shortsheet Reed’s bed and move back to the country he owned?

(Via Superhero Hype)