Here’s How Much Money Josh Trank’s Tweet May Have Cost ‘Fantastic Four’

The reason the Fantastic Four reboot flopped hard this weekend likely comes down to all the bad reviews (eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and the rumors of a disastrous production. But one box office analyst has anonymously spoken to TheWrap about the potential financial hit Fox took due to director Josh Trank tweeting then deleting a disavowal of the version of the film that would be opening in theaters the next day.

According to TheWrap’s box office analyst, Fox may have lost an additional $5 million to $10 million in ticket sales due to the director’s 11th hour bashing of the film. Additionally, Trank may find himself in legal trouble, according to David Alan Pierce of the Pierce Law Group.

“Presuming his directing contract contains the standard terms requiring him to provide professional performance of services, as well as requiring any statements about publicity to be cleared by the studio and refrain from rendering any derogatory remarks, Trank probably breached his contract.” (Via)

There are ways for directors to push back or disavow a film via the Directors Guild of America’s Basic Agreement, but Trank apparently didn’t go that route.

Whatever the cause, this weekend’s Fantastic Four grossed less than half as much as 2005’s Fantastic Four. It also did uncharacteristically bad for a Marvel property; the previous 12 Marvel properties opened at No. 1. This one opened at No. 2 and may not turn a profit or get a sequel. That’s reality, though.

(Via TheWrap)