Sue Storm Lays Down The Law In The Latest ‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot

There’s new footage galore in the latest TV spot for 20th Century Fox’s new Fantastic Four, one of the two non-X-Men Marvel properties whose license is held by the studio. From additional shots of the film’s major action set pieces, to more detailed looks at The Thing, the film is beginning to look more and more like a fairly decent superhero movie — director Josh Trank’s off-camera theatrics notwithstanding.

However, one of the more interesting aspects of the latest TV spot is its narrator — Sue Storm (Kate Mara). Despite her being one of a four-person team, she gets the most speaking time in the commercial. In addition, she also reveals many new plot points from the August 7 film, including the fact that the four are “locked” away because of their abilities.

(Via 20th Century Fox)