‘Fantastic Four’: Here Are All The Scenes In The Trailer That Weren’t In The Movie

Yesterday, we rounded up some of the rumors about the disastrous production of Fantastic Four. Allegedly, the movie was drastically changed in re-shoots (which the awful wig Kate Mara was wearing throughout the third act could attest to), and director Josh Trank tweeted his displeasure with the cut seen in theaters. How different was that cut?

Screenwriter Jeremy Slater has said very little of his original script is in the movie:

There’s also B-roll footage revealing that the Fantasticar should have been in the movie. The scene being filmed here never made the final cut:

The trailers for the movie are also chock-full of footage that was never in the film screened in theaters. It’s not unusual for one scene or line of dialogue from the trailer to be a deleted scene, but the sheer amount of disparate scenes in the trailers which never made it to the final cut would suggest Josh Trank’s version of the film was drastically changed shortly before release.

One of these scenes hinted at Reed Richards and Dr. Doom having a conversation after their trip to the Negative Zone, with this exchange:

Doom: “Be ready for what’s coming.”

Richards: “What is coming?”

Doom: “The answers.”

In the film, — spoiler? — Doom starts a killing spree when he returns and this conversation never takes place. Many of the scenes from the trailer which never made the final cut hint at character development we never saw on screen: Sue Storm having a tearful moment with her brother, scenes from Ben Grimm’s past, etc.

Dave Gonzales — writer for Forbes, Geek, and Latino Review — rounded up scenes from the two trailers that you won’t see in the movie:

And these seemingly abandoned plotlines were also evidenced by the movie’s posters, which showed New York buildings in ruins (New York buildings can’t catch a break) and meteors. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four of the movie are constantly indoors, and you might find yourself hoping a meteor will show up.

So, what does the version of the movie that included these scenes look like? We might be waiting a long time for “the answers.”

(Via Dave Gonzales, the Playlist, /film, and Collider)