A ‘Fast And The Furious’ Spinoff Starring The Rock And Jason Statham Is Reportedly In The Works

Of the many questions we had after watching The Fate of the Furious, the record-breaking eighth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise, the three biggest were: “What’s the deal with Cipher’s hair?”, “Can Tormund from Game of Thrones be retroactively added to the other seven films?”, and “Why can’t every movie star The Rock and Jason Statham?”

In order, the answers are: Who knows?, Yes, and YES.

Universal is reportedly working on a Fast and the Furious spinoff centered on Luke Hobbs and Decker Shaw, the muscular characters (who are both bad guys-turned-good guys) played by future Oscar winner Dwayne Johnson and Statham. “The franchise architects have said they might broaden the universe with spinoffs, and source said this is the one they are pursuing,” according to Deadline. “This is in early stages, but they’ve met on the concept, which sources said will be scripted by Chris Morgan, the chief writer of the series… The idea is for Johnson’s United States Diplomatic Security Agent Luke Hobbs to form an unlikely alliance with Statham’s Decker Shaw.”

The spinoff could be a nice bridge to the next Fast and the Furious movie — presumably titled The F9al Countdown — where The Rock and Statham punch each other so hard, they’re launched into space. The rest of the gang will have to rescue them. Is it possible to drink Corona… on the moon? Let’s find out!

(Via Deadline)