HBO Wants To Tell You About The ‘Fate Of The Furious’ And Its Connection To Cuba In Its First Look

Iceland, New York, Cuba, and… space? There’s no announcement about where the franchise goes from here in this sneak peek of the HBO First Look dedicated to The Fate Of The Furious (first look of a first look making the first look the second look and the movie the third look?), but there is a whole bunch of old cars and some details on the connection that the filmmakers and cast feel the franchise has with Cuba.

Also, there’s Vin Diesel sleevelessness, a standoff between displeased-looking fellas who are standing very close to each other, and a street race for the pink slip of a car that is not very practical and probably not street legal. All of these things are legally required to be attached to anything Fast and Furious related, of this, I am almost sure. The actual First Look will feature more than that which was just described and shown (more footage of The Rock throwing torpedos?), of this I am also almost sure.

HBO First Look: Fate of the Furious debuts Tuesday, April 4 at 10:30pm on HBO, HBO NOW and HBO GO.

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