Feast Your Eyes On The First Teaser Trailer For Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’

Almost as if the gods heard our cries or some studio exec shouted, “We should probably get out in front of this f*cking mess already,” director Josh Trank and writer/producer Simon Kinberg broke their silence about the seemingly Victor Von Doomed reboot of Fox’s Fantastic Four in a new interview with Collider. The biggest question that everyone seemed to be asking was: Why haven’t we seen any images or even an official logo yet? The rumors suggested that Trank was a diva, allegedly showing up late and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the set in Baton Rouge. But he assured Collider that the main reason we haven’t seen anything from his Fantastic Four reboot is because…

“You’ve really got to put your best foot forward. You can’t just leak an image to strike up a conversation. You want people to see something that has thought behind it. And the teaser should do just that.”

To make it a little more convincing, Trank and Co. provided the site with a picture of Michael B. Jordan in something that looks like motocross gear, but now we finally have a teaser trailer to watch and maybe even freak out over. The first full trailer is still believed to be playing before Kingsman: The Secret Service, unless Trank destroys it in another on-set fit of rage. I’ll keep an eye on sports message boards for updates.