Those Ferris Bueller Pizza Commercials Are Incredibly Dark And Sad

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03.31.17 11 Comments


Have you seen the new Ferris Bueller Domino’s advertising campaign? Joe Keery (who you probably know from Stranger Things) plays Ferris (though the name “Ferris” is never mentioned) as he does a lot of Ferris-type things all in an effort to get to his beloved Domino’s pizza. I’ve come to the conclusion that the underlying theme to the story being told in these commercials is extremely sad. I will explain.

(Before we start, I should note this isn’t the first time Ferris Bueller has been recreated without Matthew Broderick. In 1990, NBC created a short-lived television series simply titled, Ferris Bueller. In the opening scene, Ferris, played by Charlie Schlatter, takes a chainsaw to a cardboard cutout of the Broderick Ferris, then declares himself the real Ferris. Despite the hyperbolic showmanship, viewers did not agree and only 13 episodes aired. The most notable thing about this series is that Jennifer Aniston played Ferris’ sister, Jeannie.)


In one of the Domino’s commercials, they recreate the scene of Ferris leaving Sloane, rushing home to get back in bed before his parents arrive and realize he’s been faking being sick all along. (You see, in the movie, Ferris wanted a day off from school.) While running home, Ferris notices that the person driving the car right next to him is his father, so Ferris darts through some neighbors’ yards instead to avoid being seen. Now, in this commercial, the Domino’s-loving Ferris is running next a car being driven by Alan Ruck, who plays Ferris’ best friend in the movie, Cameron Frye.


The Domino’s-loving Ferris sees Ruck and quickly changes his path to avoid detection. This tells us that Ruck is playing Ferris’ father. Ruck is even wearing Cameron’s Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe sweater. So Cameron Frye is the father of this teen who loves Domino’s. (Joe Keery is 24, but it’s a safe assumption he’s playing a teenager in these commercials.)

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