Marlon Wayans Has Sex With A Door In The New Red Band Trailer For ’50 Shades Of Black’

It’s hard to tell whether the upcoming January/February movie dump will be able to top 2015’s worst offerings, what with Mortdecai’s mustache “humor” coming to us from another dimension of awfulness. But it’s good to know that one film will have the truly low-hanging balls to capture the crown of the New Year’s dumbest, as Fifty Shades of Black is not shy about letting us know just how low it will go. Just like in the first trailer, the new red band trailer’s first joke involves Anna getting her face slammed by the elevator doors, but this time – you might wanna put on a diaper – Marlon Wayans adds, “You gettin’ f*cked up!” before telling the white girls to fix the elevator.

And that’s basically the gist of the new red band trailer for Wayans’ parody, as it’s filled with F-bombs, mother*ckers, and more ass slaps than a locker room. If cursing isn’t your cup of tea, there are also several jokes about female hygiene that are sure to inspire mom insults on the way out of the theater, and there’s even a scene with a fat woman that will remind us all how funny Dodgeball was. Fifty Shades of Black hits theaters on Jan. 29 and probably a lot of Worst Of lists around Dec. 15.