Get Fifty Shades Of F*cked Up With Marlon Wayans’ ‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ Trailer

The great John Cazale famously only appeared in five movies, six if you count archival footage in The Godfather Part III. All six were nominated for Best Picture. He might not have the acclaim, but director Michael Tiddes is working on an impressive streak of his own. He’s gone from A Haunted House to A Haunted House 2 to Fifty Shades of Black; he’s the Francis Ford Coppola to Marlon Wayans’ Cazale. Or something, I dunno. After watching the trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey spoof, I feel like my head was slammed in an elevator door, which, whaddya know, happens in the film. Here’s the “plot.”

A parody of the popular film/novel 50 Shades of Grey. (Via)

Well, that’s concise. There are also references to Magic Mike (complete with an overweight woman riding Wayans’ face at the strip club) and, as predicted, 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained. The fun part is guessing which movie Tiddes and Wayans will spoof next. Fifty Shades of Black comes out January 29, 2016, or nearly a year after Fifty Shades of Grey was unveiled to its horny, middle-aged audience. With that kind of timeliness, expect Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Black People in March 2017. A parody of a parody? Genius!