Trent Reznor And David Fincher Are Working On A ‘Fight Club’ Rock Opera

If The Who can turn the story of a “deaf, dumb, and blind boy” who’s also a pinball protégé into a rock opera, Trent Reznor and David Fincher should be able to do the same with Fight Club, right? We’ll find out! Author Chuck Palahniuk recently tweeted that Julie Taymor, the esteemed Broadway director who gave us the abomination that is Across the Universe, is “working with David Fincher on a FIGHT CLUB rock opera.” Podcast host Jeff Goldsmith added that the Nine Inch Nails frontman is involved with the “enhanced version of the film.”

The first rule of Fight Club rock opera is turn off your cellphones.

Hopefully this inspires Palahniuk to turn all of his stories into musicals. Here, I’ll even write the lyrics for a song based on “Guts”:


I’ll take my Tony now.

(Via Spin)