Get Pumped Up By Watching An Awesome Tribute To Movie Fight Scenes

A good fight scene is tough to beat (pun intended). Entire movies that culminate in a battle between good and bad can be made or broken based off of how the fight scene goes down. Let us down? Entire movie ruined. Epic back-and-forth showdown that has us standing in our theater seats shadow boxing and cheering our guy on, even as our girlfriend asks us to sit down? That’s how classic movies are born. The only problem is, we need to sit through the build up to get to the fight scenes.

If only there were a website on the internet where people could splice together our favorite fight scenes into one turbo-powered adrenaline-filled clip that has us crushing Red Bull cans against our foreheads. Oh wait, that does exist, and some awesome bro totally did that.

YouTube user Robert Jones has released the third installment of his Fight Scene Tribute series, and it’s completely ridiculous. In it, we get glimpses of actions scenes from movies like Gladiator, Avatar, Fight Club, Return of the Dragon, The Remnant, Kill Bill, Rocky, Rambo, Roadhouse, Die Hard, and too many more classics to mention all set to Tool’s “Stinkfist’. It’s five minutes and 18 seconds of pure fight awesomeness that will leave you giving kung-fu bring it fingers to your household pets.

We aren’t sure how this glorious man was able to compile such a comprehensive vault of specific fight scene clips, but hell if we are about to ask questions. Any dude that has this much time on his hands and is able to cut together something so cool is probably someone we don’t want beef with.