The Final ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Is Here

Be honest: Unique as it was, you were maybe a little disappointed when the Batman V Superman Super Bowl presence wound up being an airline commercial featuring cameos from Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, right? It’s alright. The Super Bowl is where upcoming summer blockbusters are supposed to bring the ruckus, highlighting their big bad budgets and all the many things that should make your jaw drop a little. Turkish Airlines didn’t do that, but this all-new (and final) trailer, released a scant four days after the big event, should have that effect, even though the action on display is maybe less visually grand than we’ve seen before from the upcoming film’s previous looks.

None of this is a complaint. Look at Batman doing his Batman thing, punching the crap out of some bad guys, throwing them into walls, and dropping them on their necks (I’m not sure that guy is going to be okay). Look at Superman getting a little frisky with Lois before clashing with Batman (and the shock on his face when Batman locks him up on that punch). And Wonder Woman? She’s playing it cool with Bruce Wayne and pushing forward into battle. All of this supported by a hard rock score that sets a no-nonsense tone.

No disrespect to the previous trailers, but I wouldn’t blame you if this was the first look at Batman V Superman to get the hair on your neck up. And while that might have happened had you seen it for the first time on Sunday, the fact that you get to have that absent a bunch of other trailers designed to thrill makes you realize the wisdom at play in Warner Bros. decision to hold back for a minute and go it alone.

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