‘Finding Dory’ May Include Pixar’s First Ever On-Screen Lesbian Couple

No, it isn’t a pair of lesbian fish. Although we hear that sea anemones are a particularly tolerant bunch. A new trailer for Finding Dory that was released this week, and people are speculating that it hints about a major first for the Pixar universe. Frozen may have had a possible gay couple, Captain America might be getting a boyfriend in all of our minds, and the Poe Dameron/Finn ‘ship is as real as we want it to be in our hearts (that relationship is canon and you can’t convince me otherwise). Now, a Pixar movie might be introducing their first lesbian couple ever. In the new trailer, two women appear to be the guardians or mothers of a baby in a carriage. It is only a brief glimpse of the duo, but in freeze frames of the shot it definitely appears as if the lesbian theory is the correct one.

Regardless of their relationship status, the women on the right is wearing a great coat that I would very much like to exist in the real world. The internet has already picked apart the clip in as many ways as possible, with some thinking that the two are “just friends” or only included in the trailer so the movie gets extra press. If the latter idea is true, then it is absolutely working in the studio’s favor but it doesn’t ring true that Pixar would be that diabolical with a teaser trailer. It is more likely that Pixar is further broadening their universe to include a more diverse and representative cross-section of characters than currently exists. Or, one of the ladies could be Andy’s mom.

(via The Guardian)