First Look: The Vision Brings Up The Rear In A Brief Glimpse From Marvel

Marvel’s little birthday special on Tuesday was largely an ad with more ads embedded in it, but it did have the occasional tidbit. Like, for example, Agent Carter going to work on some pop-eyed schmoe. And in the meantime, nerds have been breaking down the footage frame by frame (because, again, we’re nerds) and found a few interesting glimpses. Like, for example, the Vision.

The shots aren’t very clear and show him from behind, but it’s the first time we’ve seen him live, not illustrated, so what the heck:

First of all, this is a behind the scenes shot, so one assumes at least some of the Vision’s look will be added in post. Which is good because between the green cape and the back of his head, he actually looks more like Mister Miracle in that shot. Slightly different character, there.

It’s been interesting how Marvel has kept the Vision under wraps; he hasn’t even been mentioned in the trailers, they haven’t released photos yet, and we’ve only seen him drawn in concept art. We’re assuming there’s a reason for this, and we’ll find out what in May.