‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Shows Off Its Madness In A Brand New Trailer

The promotion for Batman: The Killing Joke has been superb to this point. Ever since the adaptation was announced at Comic-Con 2015, fans have been excited to the see what DC’s superb animated division would do with one of the most popular Batman stories out there. We’ve gotten a sneak peek before thanks to the creators and cast behind the film, plus we know the feature will definitely have that R-rating they were aiming for back when it was announced.

The sneak preview from a few weeks back gave us a good look at the art style, but now we have a full trailer that shows all of the madness and style that The Killing Joke will be bringing to the animated realm. It would seem that most of the audio is still a work in process, but the spirit is there. Also you’d have to assume they don’t want to give away Mark Hamill dropping some of those memorable lines in the trailer. His Joker in the most iconic Joker in DC Comics history is the main selling point here, so no need to spoil all of that in the first trailer.

The best part here? Nobody had to get any boxes of soiled magazines or used condoms. Just classic Joker action with the best Joker in the game — Steve Miller aside.

UPDATE: Looks like the top might be fan-made, but is still cool and makes up for that missing sneak peek.

(Via DC Animated)

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