Here’s A Symphony Of Floppy Disks Playing The ‘Star Wars’ Theme

The Star Wars films are timeless classics, with every bit of the original trilogy becoming ingrained in the very essence of today’s society. Among that influence is the iconic score by John Williams. Williams has handled the scores for all of the Star Wars films, from A New Hope all the way to The Force Awakens, integrating old, memorable Star Wars themes into newer ones to create a score that kept fans both old and new happy. So why not recreate those iconic songs with old computer hardware, right? RIGHT?!

That is exactly what one YouTuber set out to do, but on a grander scale. Originally recreating the Imperial March with just two old floppy disk drives, Paweł Zadrożniak has now built what he calls the “Floppotron” which is capable of much, much more, says iO9. So while the original was still cool and got a ton of attention, this latest invention can recreate the intricacies of Williams’ scores with ease.

The Floppotron plays the original title crawl with shocking accuracy and depth before moving on to the Imperial March, which can be contrasted to the older version, with ease. What other uses are there for this Floppotron? Apparently recreating Nirvana songs as well. Kurt Cobain would be so proud.

(Via iO9)