A Fourth ‘Purge’ Movie Is On The Way And Already Has A Release Date

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02.17.17 2 Comments

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It’s safe to say that America is in a bit of a crisis. With a government in disarray and a deeply divided public, things seem more than a little grim every day. You would think that that would send people looking for pop culture to escape from the harsh realities, but apparently, some just want to lean into the darkness. Consequently, after three surprisingly successful films in the violent franchise, we’re getting a fourth installment of The Purge.

According to Deadline, the as yet untitled Next Purge Chapter will be released on July 4, 2018 (because America). What this means for the previously hinted at anthology television series is unknown, but with a franchise global box office of $315.4M with only $23M in production cost, these low-budget horror films are certainly a hot commodity. Currently, the plot of the fourth film is being kept under wraps, but the franchise creator James DeMonaco will pen the script, although he is not taking the reins as director like in the previous films.

The latest installment, The Purge: Election Year, benefitted from the contentious presidential election cycle, so it’s probably safe to assume that some sort of Trumpian figure will factor into the fourth film’s plot, unless the filmmakers decide to go a more uncharacteristically subtle route.

(Via Deadline)

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