Fox News Anchor Twitter Rants Against The ‘Idiots’ Behind ‘The Interview’ For Upsetting North Korea

After Sony decided to shelve The Interview permanently in the wake of threats against movie theaters by the cyberhackers Guardians of the Peace (who we now know originate from North Korea), many in Hollywood lost their sh*t, railing against the terrorists who caused this mess. They blamed the Guardians of the Peace for forcing the hand of Sony with threats of violence, they blamed Sony for caving to their demands, and they blamed those terrorists for messing with the United States of America’s freedom of expression.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, however, took a different tack: She blamed Sony for making the movie in the first place.

So, instead of being angry about the fact that terrorists had threatened violence, instead of being angry that Sony had given into the terrorists’ demands, and instead of being angry that this will invariably lead to a chilling effect on creative expression (in fact, it already has), Greta Van Susteren is saying that Sony should’ve nipped this thing in the bud. She is saying that, whenever there’s a lunatic involved, we should keep our mouth’s shut. She is saying that our creative choices should be dictated by crazy people in foreign countries.

Greta Van Susteren is not saying stand up to the terrorists; she’s saying don’t piss them off. Hell, even Mitt Romney is encouraging Sony to release the movie, for free, online just to spite the North Koreans. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GRETA. We piss off whomever the hell we damn well please.

via Mediatite