Fox’s X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover May Arrive Surprisingly Fast

06.25.15 4 years ago 20 Comments

We often hedge when reporting on rumors from Latino Review, but it’s rare they hedge on their own rumors. That should tell you a lot about the rumored crossover between the X-Men franchise and the rebooted Fantastic Four.

According to said rumor site, the crossover will happen if two conditions are met: One, that X-Men: Apocalypse does well, which seems likely. And two, that Fantastic Four and its sequel do well, which is slightly less certain. If all those happen, then in 2018, we’ll see the crossover.

I’m a little skeptical just based on the timing. Fantastic Four 2, if it goes into production, will be hitting theaters in 2017; just a year of space between the two seems a bit of a quick turnaround for a superhero movie. Also, 2018 is already a crowded year for superhero movies, and we might not even know the full schedule yet.

I suspect the real hinge here will be how the new cast does in X-Men: Apocalypse. After all, Fox is looking for superteam money, and the X-Men are equivalent to the Avengers. Fox is likely mostly interested in seeing what team can get them a billion-dollar franchise, so if the new kids manage to crack the billion mark, the Fantastic Four will be left to their own devices, bar the occasional cameo or shout-out. Unless they want to put Wolverine on the Fantastic Four; hey, there’s precedent.

(Via Latino Review)

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