Frank Grillo Of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Signed For More Marvel Movies

After having a very successful 2014, it looks like Frank Grillo is getting in on more of that Marvel money.

In 2014 alone, Frank Grillo starred in TV’s Kingdom as well as The Purge: Anarchy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, his first Marvel movie. He recently revealed in an interview with Collider, however, that it will likely not be his last:

People loved you in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Are you looking forward to exploring your character more deeply?

GRILLO:  Yeah. I have a multi-contract deal with Marvel. The movie was an origin film for that character. If you know the comic, he has a significant presence. So, knock wood. With Marvel, you can’t say very much, but I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll have some fun, in the next few Marvel movies.

Grillo played Brock Rumlow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a Hydra double-agent working in SHIELD. By the end of the film, however, most comic book fans picked up on the clues that his character was Crossbones, one of Captain America’s biggest villains.

Signing Grillo on for a multi-picture deal is a smart move by Marvel. He has been great as a supporting actor for years, but The Purge: Anarchy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier both gave him a chance to show off his skills as an action star. The Purge: Anarchy was way better than it should have been, and a large part of that was Grillo as the film’s heavily-armed anti-hero. Hollywood is figuring out how good he is, and Marvel is getting him locked in for at least one more movie now.

Via Collider