10 Free Documentaries On YouTube

04.14.15 3 years ago

Discovery Pictures

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to YouTube than videos of cats, nut shots, and Miley Cyrus. It’s actually home to some really stellar documentary work. The following are ten great documentaries on a wide variety of subjects you can catch right now on the ole YouTubes. Have fun learnin’!


Discovery Studios

10. Cobra Gypsies (2015) – director: Raphael Treza

Raphael Treza, who directed Hallucinogen Honey Hunters (note: also a great name for a band), explores the lives of nomadic gypsies in Northern India.


Guerilla Films

9. Four Horsemen (2012) – director: Ross Ashcroft

A look at the world economy – particularly through the lens of the most recent financial crisis – this documentary attempts to look at causes and solutions without being incendiary or over-dramatic.

The guy blaming the downfall of America on disco at the very beginning of the movie is hilarious. And probably right.



8. The Big Bang Machine (2014) – from PBS’s NOVA

This one might be cheating a little because it’s an episode of PBS’s long running science series Nova but, technically, it’s a documentary (about the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland) and it’s free on YouTube so, you know, stop whining.


National Geographic

7. Lions Eating Baboons (2013) – director: Caroline Brett

With a title that pretty much says it all, this nature film studies the monkey-eating lions of Africa. As opposed to the monkey-eating lions of Nebraska.


Etherium Sky

6. DPRK: The Land of Whispers (2013) – director: Chrystian Cohen

Listed as a “one-man documentary” on life inside the secretive south Asian country. It also has a cool soundtrack with Moby on it, so you know it’s serious business.


NASA Television

5. Space Shuttle (2011) – director: Guy Noffsinger

In 2011, NASA ended the space shuttle program. This NASA produced documentary, narrated by (of course) William Shatner, takes a look at the history of the program from the beginning of the original space race up to the end of the program itself.

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