The ‘Free Fire’ Red Band Trailer Puts Brie Larson Under The Gun

In ’70s Boston, a suave arms dealer and one of his sketchier groups of customers meet up to do a deal. Unfortunately, they’re not the guns said sketchy types want, and suddenly they’re all trapped in a warehouse full of ticked off criminals, piles of weapons, and plenty of ammo, and things go both hilariously and horribly wrong as it turns out nobody’s a particularly good shot. Yeah, Free Fire doesn’t exactly have a convoluted plot.

What it does have is a heck of a cast and crew. It stars Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, and Cillian Murphy, among the more famous of the cast, although Powers fans will be excited to see Noah Taylor playing another gangster. Behind the camera, it’s got Ben Wheatley, best known for Sightseers and High-Rise, directing from a script he co-wrote with Amy Jump. If that weren’t enough, Martin Scorsese appears to have stepped in as executive producer to give his seal of approval.

Despite his rep for weirdness and horror, Wheatley has a pretty thick comedic streak running through some of his work, and this trailer indicates that’s pretty heavily in play, here. We’ll find out just how funny gunplay can be in 2017.