The Next ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie Will Tell Jason’s True Origin

Jason has been lurking in the woods, looking wistfully at the calendar, for quite a while now. While his video game is looking nice and scary, and his TV show is coming along, he just can’t seem to get back on the silver screen. We mostly know what it’s not going to be, but there’s new word on just where Jason Voorhees is heading.

The story is an origin, of sorts, according to producer Brad Fuller, who also emphasized (yet again) that the movie won’t be a found footage story. The movie will go back to before Jason became Jason and will involve the first movie’s notorious twist to some degree. Particularly hardcore fans who read the comics will remember that Jason’s father was not a great human being and came to a particularly nasty end. Also, with so many movies in the series, between the original and the reboots, they likely want to offer something new. That can be tricky to do when you’ve sent your main character into space, on a cruise, and into a rival franchise.

It’s not clear just when Jason will threaten teens again, but expect it to be sooner rather than later. After all, if Jason is marching relentlessly toward taking over other media, not having a movie would just seem a shame. Besides, October has a Friday the 13th coming in 2017, and it’d be a shame to waste it.

(Via IndieWire)