‘Frozen’ Director Jennifer Lee Is Sorry That You’re Tired Of Hearing ‘Let It Go’

The people who made last year’s insanely successful animated insta-classic Frozen have nothing to be sorry about. The Disney blockbuster made $1.2 billion at the box office, making it the biggest film of the year, as it defeated Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man 3 by approximately $61 million. Obviously, the reason for that is Iron Man 3 simply didn’t have enough songs. In fact, aside from the lady who thinks that Jennifer Lee totally and blatantly ripped off her life story for Frozen’s screenplay, the only thing that Lee and Disney should apologize for is influencing Farrah Abraham to dress like Elsa while pushing her giant vagina mold on the world.

But according to Lee, she has had to apologize for one aspect of Frozen – “Let It Go.” The film’s writer and director was profiled in The Hollywood Reporter’s recent Women in Entertainment issue, and she admitted that people have grown a little tired of the favorite anthem of adorable children everywhere.

What a difference a year makes — and no one knows this better than Frozen director Lee. In the past 12 months, she not only won the best animated feature Oscar but saw her film become the highest-grossing in the genre — $1.27 billion worldwide — of all time. And there are little things that have changed, too. “A year ago, I’d meet people who, when they found out who I was, they’d say, ‘Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time.’ Now they’re like, ‘Yep, we’re still listening to those songs,’ ” laughs Lee. “I’ve gone from, ‘Thank you,’ to, ‘Sorry!’ ” (Via THR)

In order to really understand Lee’s point, though, you have to picture her pulling wads of cash from her purse as she says, “Sorry!” and then lights them on fire as she laughs maniacally at the people who are complaining to her. And as she walks away, she’s followed by a marching band that she has hired to follow her around for the rest of eternity, playing “Let It Go” on repeat, a la I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Also, this is mostly unrelated, but I’ve been looking for any Frozen story to include this in…