Funny Or Die Has Introduced Us To ‘The Revenant Sleeping Bag’ And We Want One

Funny Or Die has come out with a spoof of The Revenant that brilliantly blows up how disturbing and implausible this movie is. In the style of a kid’s toy commercial, Funny Or Die introduces the “horse carcass sleeping bag from The Revenant.”

The horse carcass sleeping bag comes with incredible realistic looking blood and guts, for those kids who love playing with “goopy gak.” The sleeping bag is also good for zipping yourself in, like Leonardo Dicaprio does in the movie, in order to survive “even the darkest nights of the soul.” If that’s not enough meta-ness for you, there are also Revenant crew member action figures, “with realistic walking off set action!”

Features include a choice between white, brown, calico and unicorn, waking up and being covered in real/fake blood, and saying stuff like, “I’ll do anything to avenge my son.” The fabric may or may not be machine washable, but these sleeping bags would probably be a hit at the Oscars party that you’re attending tomorrow. After all, we all know that Leonardo Dicaprio is winning the Best Actor Oscar after five nominations. What better way to celebrate his hard won victory by paying homage to the fact that homeboy slept in a horse carcass to win a little gold man statue?