‘Furious 7’ Broke China’s Box Office Record With $323 Million So Far

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Furious 7 has broken China’s box office record, bringing in $323 million out of the film’s worldwide total of $1.32 billion. That’s a lot of money.

Since its release, the film has broken several major box office records, including grossing $1 billion faster than any other film ever and being the fifth highest grossing film of all time. China’s box office record is significant, though, because it means that the film has earned more in China than the United States. Currently, the film’s domestic gross is $320 million:

Not only is it the first April film to make more than $100 million in its opening weekend in the U.S., but it’s also the fastest live-action film to bring in more than $1 billion worldwide. Furious 7 has been creeping up the international box office charts, and after hitting a worldwide total of $1.32 billion this weekend, it became a bigger global hit than Frozen.

Furious 7 is bigger than Frozen. Now it’s a bigger hit in China than Transformers: Age of Extinction, a blockbuster action movie that openly pandered to Chinese audiences. It seems like there is no stopping Furious 7. Maybe Vin Diesel’s prediction about Furious 7 getting that Oscar nomination wasn’t so crazy after all.

Source: Entertainment Weekly