Report: Channing Tatum May Not Play Gambit After All

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07.28.15 29 Comments

Rumors are afoot about C-Tates and Gambit, with The Wrap reporting that the Magic Mike star may be on the verge of walking (dancing?) away from his commitment to FOX because… well, no one seems to know exactly why. Yet “active discussions” are ongoing, according to the report.

Time will tell if these rumors turn out to be true, of course, but this all seems like some big sexy misunderstanding, doesn’t it? Remember, Tatum has been aboard the Gambit express in a big way since September 2013, and he even showed up on stage at San Diego Comic-Con to get some fan love and save Stan Lee’s life while Oscar Isaac and Ryan Reynolds hugged it out.

An SDCC appearance isn’t any kind of irrevocable contract with fans — Edgar Wright, Edgar Wright, and Edgar Wright — but it has to be some kind of indication that if there really are issues that they are either incredibly recent, or that they were small enough at the time that Tatum felt alright shilling for FOX. Though, I suppose none of that matters if a divorce is on the horizon.

Let’s move away from the mostly useless speculation about “why” to openly ponder what happens if Channing Tatum becomes Changing Tatum and Gambit loses its star. Does everything fall apart? Do they recast? Is this Taylor Kitsch’s best day ever? Once again, time will tell, but it probably isn’t going to be the third thing.

Source: The Wrap

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