Maisie Williams Will Battle Zombies In ‘The Forest Of Hands And Teeth’

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09.23.15 2 Comments

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Out of all the rumors to come out of San Diego Comic-Con, my personal favorite was that Maisie Williams was set to star in Sam Raimi’s adaptation of the video game The Last Of Us. But if that’s going to happen, it’ll have to be after Williams stars in another post-apocalypse pseudo-zombie film. Variety reports that our favorite lil assassin from Game of Thrones will star in an adaptation of Carrie Ryan’s bestselling young adult novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

From the Wikipedia summary:

As the story opens, an unexplained disaster has turned much of the human race into mindless, cannibalistic undead. They roam the forest of the title, seeking to destroy a band of survivors barricaded inside a walled village deep in the woods. However, the fence that protects these villagers also imprisons them within a dystopian society marked by violence, secrecy, and repression. The forest thus profoundly influences all the action of the novel.

The movie is being directed by up-and-comer Kate Maberly and produced by Doug Liman of Bourne and Edge of Tomorrow fame. And now with Arya Stark attached to star, you know they’re hoping this is going to join The Hunger Games and Divergent as another massive money-making franchise. Smooshing zombies into the genre and then marketing it to Game of Thrones fans certainly sounds like a license to print money to me.

Too bad it probably means Maisie isn’t going to star in the slightly-too-similar Last Of Us adaptation. But really, they should just stop screwing around and cast Ellen Page for that. They basically ripped off her identity for the video game, the least they could do is give her a paycheck for the film.

(Via Variety)

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