The Fighting Kangaroo Gets A Gangsta Movie Trailer And We Need To Fund It

By now, you’ve probably seen that viral video of that guy getting into an actual fist fight with a real kangaroo. The Austrailian man absolutely had to take action after the kangaroo had his dog in a headlock. Well, that clip has recieved the movie trailer treatment. And, nope, it definitely isn’t Kangaroo Jack!

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Bangaroo – The Tale of a Kangaroo turned Gangster

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Feast your eyes on Bangaroo — The Tale of a Kangaroo turned Gangster. It’s all from the creative mind of social media star Chris Ashley. Using rapper YG’s very much appropriate “My Hitta” as a score and several movie references, Ashley masterfully tells the story of that dog-hating kangaroo and his lust for vengeance after getting punched in the face. As it turns out, that fight would later act as a motivator for Bangaroo to rise through the ranks as a ruthless, no-frills gangster kangaroo. Not sure what your interests are, but a movie about a gangster kangaroo with a Jheri curl partaking in drive-bys while taking over “the streets” is exactly the kind of entertainment I need in my life.

The trailer says we can expect Bangaroo Fall 2017. Obviously, creator Chris Ashley is kidding. I mean, how can we possibly wait a whole year for this thing?!