George Clooney Had Strict Rules For Guests To Ensure Privacy At His Wedding

As you’re probably aware by now, Amal Alamuddin finally made an honest man out of silver fox George Clooney this weekend after over twenty years of bachelorhood. Weddings don’t come much more profile than this, so as one might imagine the couple had some pretty strict rules for guests as to what kinds of devices were or weren’t allowed in the celebration. TMZ obtained a full list of criteria guests had to adhere to in order to participate in the festivities:

— Leave your cellphone in your hotel room
— If you think you may need your phone, then bring it … but leave it at a kiosk near the entrance
— All guests will be provided a burner phone with a code, which serves as a ticket to enter
— All guests will also receive a camera to take pics as they please
— HERE’S THE CATCH … The camera has a code that allows George’s people to access the photos.  So if Amal’s 3rd cousin were to give TMZ a pic of the nuptials, George could find the matching phone pic and skewer the cuz.

I love the beauty of the 100% unbiased reporting from TMZ here. “TMZ reports that if someone were to leak the photos to, say, those notorious sh*tbirds at TMZ, for instance, George would be ALL OVER THAT.” As much as I’m kind of dying to see the dress, good on you, George and Amal. Mazel tov to the happy couple.