George Clooney Is Still ‘Great,’ In Case You Were Wondering

05.26.15 3 years ago 4 Comments
George Clooney

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Over the weekend, Tomorrowland wound up as the No. 1 movie at the box office, but underperformed due to probably a whole host of reasons. But, if there’s a glimmer of good news, it’s that George Clooney is still great. A few years ago, it was confirmed that he was great, so it’s good to find out that he’s still great. And the chances are, if you ask someone who has worked with George Clooney, “What is it like working with George Clooney?” the answer just may use the word “great.” Are you not convinced that George Clooney is great? Well, here is definitive proof that George Clooney is still great.

How was working with George Clooney?

“Great.” (Britt Robertson)

“You hear the stories that he’s a really great guy and he’s really down-to-earth.” (Matthew MacCaull)

“He’s so professional, but really fun at the same time.” (Raffey Cassidy)

“Just a very chill person.” (Caitriona Balfe)

“Working with him was just amazing.” (Diane Reeves)

“He’s great.” (Matt Damon)

“He’s great with kids.” (Matt Damon)

“He has a real way of making people feel comfortable.” (Dimitri Leonidas)

“I enjoy the humor behind these Nespresso campaigns and had great fun working with George Clooney.” (Jean Dujardin)

“This year, I got to work with George Clooney and that was great.” (John Goodman)

“Working with George Clooney was a great experience.” (Hugh Laurie)

“Working with George was very fun.” (Lisa Whelchel)

“As for working with George Clooney, Tim says the screen heartthrob is a really good guy.” (Tim McGraw)

“I highly recommend working with George Clooney.” (Ben Affleck)

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