This George Lucas Interview Mashup Finds A New Level Of Awkward

On Christmas day of 2015, CBS News aired a Charlie Rose interview with George Lucas from the Skywalker Ranch. You may remember that fateful interview for being the one where Lucas called the Disney company “white slavers” and then walked back those comments right quick. Disney are the people who gave him $4 billion for Star Wars in 2012, by the way. A lot can change in three years. Maybe you could get salty after running through your entire $4 billion on hiring people to look things up for you (George Lucas has been avoiding the internet since 2000) or to tell you Jar Jar Binks is great, since Lucas still refuses to apologize for Jar Jar. (APOLOGIZE!)

Anyway, something new just came from that controversial interview. Youtuber Harrison Jeffs took footage from that hour long video and re-cut it for maximum awkwardness. Yes, even more awkward than the “white slavers” thing.

Check it out above and try not to giggle. Well, I found it amusing anyway, and I don’t even have the vitriol towards Lucas that some people have. Hey, he made some movies I liked, and he made some movies I didn’t like but they had Ewan McGregor in them being a sassy Obi-Wan and Hayden Christensen making the face so all is forgiven. Scratch that, almost all is forgiven. Jar Jar can still die in an industrial explosion at a glassblowing factory, specifically in the area where they store the silica sand. And it gets EVERYWHERE.

Really, all this video needs is “The Sound Of Silence” to cut in at the end. Hello, darkness, my old friend. How will George Lucas ever get over the lack of an Oscar? We just have no idea…

(Via Harrison Jeffs)