George Miller Won’t Be Making ‘Man Of Steel 2’

Good news! George Miller might direct a DC movie at some point! Bad news! It’s probably not Man of Steel 2!

You know, for a movie that people seem to do nothing but gripe about, there’s sure a lot of interest as to whether or not Henry Cavill will get another solo outing in the cape. But if he does, it’s not going to be George Miller directing. Miller admits in the above interview that while he’ll probably come back to huge blockbusters, he wants his next movie to be tiny and not have any stunts. Hard to imagine a movie that was decades in the making would be exhausting. He also notes that he’s got two other Mad Max-related screenplays in at Warner Bros., and considering the time and energy Warners has spent building the franchise, they’re probably going to want Miller to focus on those, even if he’s not directing.

This probably means Man of Steel 2 is not happening, at least not under that title. As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’m okay with that: It’s not like there’s going to be any shortage of Superman on screens over the next five years. Besides, if we can get a Superman vs. Shazam! movie going, that’ll be better than any sequel.

(Via Digital Spy)