Gerard Butler’s ‘Has Fallen’ Series Is Getting Three More Sequels

Back in innocent days of 2013, there were two competing movies with the same premise: a lowly secret service type saves the president from terrorists. White House Down, with Channing Tatum protecting Jamie Foxx, was supposed to be a monster hit; Olympus Has Fallen, with the Gerard Butler shielding Aaron Eckhart, was not. But it wound up being the other way around, birthing a franchise that has produced two more sequels, including one this August, which also made bank, despite their awkward titles.

Well, expect more in the, uh, Has Fallen series: Deadline reports that the company responsible for the scene in London Has Fallen where the guy from 300 gets really excited about drinking water says there’s three more en route.

“We looked at each other on the third one and we thought we couldn’t just blow up another city,” said Jeffrey Greenstein, president of Millennium Media, who produces and sells the series.

Sadly, there’s no word on what those films will be called, especially since it seemed to have to run out of title ideas with this summer’s Angel Has Fallen. There is talk, however, of not only another trilogy but TV shows, with its owners thinking out loud of selling the IP to other countries, seeing if they want to create their own version of Butler’s Mike Banning.

On social media, though, the news was greeted with some amusement.

Anyway, good for Butler, a movie star who is finally getting some long-due appreciation.

(Via Deadline)