Anna Kendrick And Miles Teller’s Long-Shelved ‘Get A Job’ Finally Has A Release Date And Trailer

Imagine this: In 2012, director Dylan Kidd (P.S., Rodger Dodger), after years of not working, signs on to direct a movie starring Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller, Bryan Cranston, Alison Brie, Marcia Gay Harden, and Jay Pharaoh. The movie, called Get a Job, is a timely comedy about recent college grads navigating the job market. It gets plenty of pre-release press, with Indiewire writing, “If you’re going to make a comeback after a long hiatus from feature filmmaking, you couldn’t ask for a better cast,” and Vulture excitedly hailing Kidd’s return and billing the cast as “some of your favorite actors.”

Then the movie doesn’t get released.

Years pass. Whiplash happens. Pitch Perfect 2 happens, somehow. The ice caps continue to slowly melt. People claim these events are unrelated. Kendrick pops up on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and expresses her confusion about the whole thing, which seemed like a home run from its inception. “Bryan Cranston came up to me at Comic-Con and was like, ‘What happened to the movie?'” said Kendrick. “Marcia Gay Harden came up to me at this charity event, and was like, ‘What happened to that movie?’… Jay Pharoah, when I did SNL, was like, ‘When is that movie coming out?'”

According to Kendrick, the issue may have been with the distributor, CBS Films. “I’ve heard several explanations about, like, distribution companies being split out, so it’s just in limbo… it’s crazy, because someone must wanna make some money back.” The whole thing was as inscrutable to her as it is to you right now. “It’s like a mystery. It’s just never, ever, ever gonna see the light of day… It was two years ago, it was a very topical comedy thing. It was supposed to be we were fresh out of college… Dylan Kidd, he’s a great director. It’s crazy how that can happen.”

More years pass. Now we’ve reached the present day. Pitch Perfect 3 is happening, somehow. The ice caps are in no better shape. But now, suddenly, Get a Job has a release date. And a trailer! Apparently, Teller plays Will Davis, and young would-be journalist searching for a job at the same time as his father, Roger (Cranston). Kendrick is his type-A girlfriend who happens to be $90,000 in debt and operating under the same shoe budget as Carrie Bradshaw. Everybody else on the marquee is also job-hunting, because this is 2012 we’re talking about, when everybody in the entire country was chopping their blocks of ramen into smaller blocks of ramen. Will Get a Job still be topical four years later? Did everybody who would’ve enjoyed this movie already get a job, rendering this movie utterly outmoded? Does anybody have extra ramen? I’m asking for a friend.

Get a Job hits theaters March 25. Finally.