‘Get Out’ Gets The Much-Needed Trump Family Edit

It’s a bummer that Key & Peele isn’t on Comedy Central anymore. (I’ve spent countless hours wondering what Star Magic Jackson Jr., the Hollywood Sequel Doctor, is up to.) But if Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele hadn’t retired the sketch series after five seasons, who knows if Get Out would exist? Peele’s horror-comedy is one of the year’s best reviewed films and has already made $76 million (on a $4.5 million budget!) after only two weeks.

It’s also ripe for parodies and mashups.

In Get Out, Chris Washington meets Rose Armitage’s family. In Funny or Die’s Get Out, the man with the same last name as the first president of the United States meets the current United States president’s family. It does not go well.

It’s unsettling how easy it is to imagine Melania Trump stirring her spoon in a tea cup, and Ivanka not telling her family that her boyfriend is black, and the Trump brothers using a lacrosse stick as a weapon, and Kanye West’s BFF boasting that he’s the “least racist person you have ever met,” which actually happened in real life. “If there’s too many white people, I get nervous,” Chris says at one point in the film. No wonder Funny or Die renamed it: Get Out (of the White House). It’s got Jordan Peele’s three-skulls seal of approval.