Jordan Peele Is Here To Add ‘Get Out’ To Your Arguments Over What’s A Christmas Movie And What Isn’t

Every Christmas, the same arguments pop up: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? What about Batman Returns, or the Harry Potter movies, or Edward Scissorhands? All of these films feature Christmastime as a setting, some more than others, but just because Christmas is in the movie doesn’t make it a Christmas movie proper, right? No one may ever know. It’s possibly the argument of our time, and future presidencies will be won on the back of whichever argument the candidate supports.

Now Jordan Peele is here to add Get Out to the confusing and extremely necessary stress that classifying a film as a Christmas movie brings. He already put a match to the tinder that is people’s takes on his movie when he said it was a documentary after the Golden Globes put it in the Comedy category, but this is the move that will keep Get Out alive forever. Not the social commentary, the brilliant performances, or his tight script — the fact that it’s now possibly a Christmas Documentary about an evil town full of white people lobotomizing black folk.

Snowflakes, white beards, fireplaces… It’s hard to argue with Peele’s logic, so now it’s up to the people to embrace Get Out and play it every Christmas morning for their Baby Boomer parents.